Of Presents and Talk

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cr: nyarikado.com


A ficlet by rineema
Choi Siwon & Lee Hyukjae & Lee Donghae

—Percakapan tiga pria, tiga puluh tahun, pada suatu malam


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A Fanfiction by rineema

Lee Sungyeol  | Kim Myungsoo
Choi Jinri  | Jung Soojung

–Setelah sekian lama, hanya dia alasannya untuk bertahan–

. . . .

I see things that I couldn’t see before
I hear things that I couldn’t hear before
After you left me, I have grown a power that I didn’t have before

(EXO – Miracles In December)


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{Songfiction} If It Was Me


If It Was Me {Songfiction}

A Fanfiction by rineema

Han Hana Cho KyuhyunHan HyesooKim Kibum


Whole of this story is inspired by this song (If It Was Me), but this version giving me more inspring XD

The lyric and translate belong to this

The story and poster belong to me

Read, Enjoy, and Appreciate it, please ^^



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